St. Anthony Falls Laboratory sits perched on the limestone bluff of Hennepin Island, overlooking historic St. Anthony Falls and downtown Minneapolis. We are pleased to be a part of this dynamic and evolving landscape, which is the birthplace of the city. The power of the falls was first harnessed for energy at Hennepin Island, as sawmills and flour mills, and eventually the hydropower facility still located here, grew up on and around the island. The area has long held sacred meaning for Native people and is a place of great natural beauty. Its industrial heritage is preserved in many renovated mill buildings and the graceful Stone Arch Bridge. New creative energy has been infused in the riverfront as it welcomes the Guthrie Theater, the Mill City museum and many new creative venues, restaurants, shops and housing facilities.

The Laboratory is a component of the St. Anthony Falls Historic District. We are situated within the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area (MNRRA), a facility of the National Park Service. We share Hennepin Island with Xcel Energy's Hennepin Island Hydro Generating Station.